Acer Maple Norwegian Sunset

The Norwegian Sunset® Maple is an upright, oval deciduous tree that exhibits similar growth characteristics to a Norway Maple, but is more drought tolerant. It is a smaller interspecific hybrid maple with reliable red and orange fall color until late in fall.

The Norwegian Sunset® Maple thrives in both dry and moist conditions in full sun. It is highly tolerant of urban pollution and will thrive in city environments.

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Acer Red Point Maple

The Redpointe® Maple is an upright, broadly pyramidal, deciduous tree with a dominant straight, central leader which allows for a more upright-straight growth. This J. Frank Schmidt introduction has a refined habit and fast growth rate for red maples that is typically found in Freemanii maples. Deeply lobed, shiny, dark green leaves in spring and summer turn brilliant red in early fall.

Redpointe® Maple is cold hardy and has disease and heat resistance. It is easy to care for and thrives in full sun and evenly moist, well-drained soils. It is ideal for broad streets, avenues, parks or large gardens.

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Acer Maple Sienna Glenn

The Sienna Glen® Maple is an excellent, hardy hybrid maple that features a strong central leader which develops a more pyramidal form with minimal pruning. It has strong wood and dense branching with dark green foliage that matures to beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red in autumn.

This low maintenance maple tree is mostly seedless and tolerant of many different soils. It makes an excellent street or park tree and is less prone to wind damage. Its dense form not only allows for less frequent pruning, but also provides ample nesting spots for birds.

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Acer Maple Freeman Autumn Blaze

The Autumn Blaze Maple is a hybrid between the Red and Silver Maple, combining the best features of each parent. The Autumn Blaze Maple has better branching habits than the Silver but not as refined as the Red Maple. Brilliant long lasting orange-red fall color.

The Autumn Blaze thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. It is both pest and disease resistant and makes a great tree for urban environments. Although not sterile, it may not always produce a crop of samaras. This is an all-around fantastic shade tree with remarkable fall color!

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Acer Maple Freeman Marmo

The Marmo Freeman Maple is a hybrid cross between a red maple and silver maple. It is an attractive upright-oval to broad columnar shade tree with a strong central leader. It typically grows 20-25 feet tall in its first ten years, maturing to approximately 60 feet. Its green leaves age to a beautiful display of red, burgundy and yellow at its peak in fall.

The Marmo is a relatively low maintenance, seedless, shade tree that can adapt to variable soil types. It has excellent resistance to diseases and insects and is perfect as a large specimen tree or street tree planting.

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